Energy Freedom Colorado

Competition & Choice  for  Cheaper & Cleaner Electricity

We need to think differently about electricity.

Community Choice Energy (CCE)More...

  • Allows communities to choose alternative wholesale electricity suppliers.
  • Incumbent utility still owns and operates the "poles and wires" and delivers electricity.
  • Individuals can opt out and buy their electricity from the utility if they wish.
  • Benefits:  Cheaper electricity;  more renewable energy;  new locally-relevant energy programs;  local jobs and economic development.

The "CCE Study Bill" has passed in the Colorado legislature!

Bill text  |  Fact sheet  |  Presentation  |  FAQ  |  Nonpartisan Legislative Council memo

The Community Electricity Options Project

  • How can communities reach ambitious energy goals?  See...
  • "A Strategy and Six Ways to Address Community Energy Goals"
  • The idea:  A stakeholder process to evaluate the "six ways"


Elements of a 21st Century Electricity System

  • Wholesale electricity markets (RTO or EIM), joint transmission tariffs, a Colorado ISO.
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Non-Wires Alternatives (NWA).
  • Performance-based ratemaking  –  to align utility interests with consumer & societal interests.
  • Distribution System Planning (DSP)  –  innovation & competition at the distribution level.
  • Options for electric co-operatives to reduce costs and pursue energy goals.
  • Competitive procurement of generation, storage, and transmission.
  • Less utility ownership of generation (but more rate-based distribution investments).

Energy Freedom Colorado is working to bring more electricity Competition and Choice to Colorado.