Energy Freedom Colorado

Competition & Choice  for  Cheaper & Cleaner Electricity

We need to think differently about electricity.

Community Choice Energy (CCE)

  • Allows communities that are served by investor-owned utilities (IOUs) to choose alternative wholesale electricity suppliers.
  • The utility still owns and operates the "poles and wires" and delivers the electricity.
  • Individuals can opt out of the CCE and buy their electricity from the utility if they wish.
  • Benefits:  Cheaper electricity,  cleaner electricity faster,  more innovative and locally-relevant energy programs,  more energy dollars remain local.

Download CCE Fact Sheet   —   CCE status in Colorado, key facts & common misconceptions, reasons to support.

Download CCE Presentation   —   The case for CCE in Colorado in 25 minutes!  Decarbonizing at lowest cost requires competition, evidence of lower costs and cleaner electricity with CCE, how CCE would work in Colorado, lessons about exit fees, competition provides pressure on monopoly IOUs, and more.

CCE is making progress at the Colorado legislature and PUC —  Read More...